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Discrimination is defined as follows:

  1. The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, esp. on the grounds of race, age, or sex.
  2. Recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.

The second definition is the more generic form used in scientific and other purely logical analyses.
The first definition states it as “unjust” or “prejudicial”, which means an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. But what determines something to be unjust?

For example, It’s unjust for an adult to take advantage of or hurt a child. Why? Typically because the adult is physically bigger, smarter, and more experienced than the child and therefore has more power. It’s important to note that power is determined very specifically by circumstances that are both beyond and within control of any individual.
To keep it simple, we’ll stick to the adult-child scenario example. Let’s turn it around. If the child were to attempt to strike the adult, have a temper tantrum and kick and scream, it’s not called adult-abuse, even if the “child” was physically larger and stronger than the grownup. That’s because it’s socially recognized that the adult has the distinct advantage of experience and psychological control over the child, not to mention being responsible for rearing him or her.

What about racism? If a white person says anything derogatory about a nonwhite it’s called racial discrimination. However, by comparison, a nonwhite has a particularly hard time discriminating against whites. Why? Because they don’t have majority power; so even if they do try to insult a white person it’is generally not regarded as discrimination.
Again, we return to the concept of power, which has everything to do with it. Historically, white races have ruled the earth, and nonwhite races have served them, whether voluntarily or forcibly. So even if we “even the odds” and start behaving ourselves and being nice and all… one wrong word out of a white person will always be considered discriminatory; and he or she will always be the target of such accusations… because of the power that lies with the so-called “whites”.

Power is not just the advantage that someone has over another, it’s the advantage that someone takes. Once in possession, it’s very hard to lose. It’s an amalgamation onto their character, and becomes a part of them. This is what happened in the ages past… White Man took the advantage, and it became a part of him (both sexes included). He took advantage of just about everything… religion and psychology, scientific discovery, social conduct, food resources, farming technology, and on we go. In some cases, one instance precluded and inevitably led to the other. Many injustices have resulted, including grave criminal acts. Yet in all this, no one ever chose to be born white or black or into any particular ethnic group. We do choose, however, our daily life-decisions on how to act with whatever power is afforded us, whether born into it or not. That’s the thing about power… it’s somewhat transferable. I say “somewhat” because as I said before, it’s very hard to loose once you’ve got it, it becomes a part of you. No one person can easily take power away from another, short of killing and then persuading or manipulating others to follow you.

Being a white person myself I have long been intrigued by what’s considered discrimination… which incidentally has the word “crime” as it’s root…. and by what to do with this power that I have been born with. I have taken advantage of it all my life, mostly innocently, but nevertheless consciously knowing how it has affected myself and those around me.
And I wonder what to do with it now… and in wondering I seek out wisdom.

Wisdom is the steering wheel and breaks of the engine of power. I would call knowledge the gas in this metaphor of a motorized vehicle. Functioning properly and using it for good you can effectively get to where you want to go and help many people along the way.

Star Trek Enterprise coffee table

Star Trek Enterprise coffee table

Star Trek Enterprise coffee table

I Digress

I Digress…

Calendar Facts

Calendar months’ number of days range from 28 and 31. Workdays constitute Monday to Friday excluding Saturdays and Sundays.
The minimum number of workdays in a 31-day month is 21 (1st on Friday – 31st on Sunday) and the maximum is 23 (1st on Wednesday – 31st on Friday).
The minimum number of workdays in a 30-day month is 20 (1st on Saturday – 30th on Sunday) and the maximum is 22 (1st on Thursday – 30th on Friday).
The minimum number of workdays in February is 20 (1st on Monday – 28th on Friday) and the maximum is 21 (1st and 29th on Friday).

Jesus’ Second Coming


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